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Blog by Mark Sullivan, Business Development Director

It is just after 6:30 in the evening on 24 April 2020. I have just opened a cold beer and about to join a video conference with our team. During the call one of our developers had the “great” idea to trial our new Fusion real-time attendance heat-maps from home. I asked my daughter if she thought this was a good idea and her reaction was not quite as I had expected!

“Give it a go they said. It will be fun, they said”

Fusion is Circdata’s robust platform of powerful event technology applications to help you transform your customer journey, get to know your audience better and maximise their engagement. Fusion heat-maps provide organisers with real-time actionable insight live at their events. This demonstration generated some interesting insight which we explore below.

At 9:30 in the morning we noticed a high volume of footfall for approximately 30 minutes around the TV area. As you can imagine as responsible parents this came as a worry.

We decided to review feedback from this session via Fusion EventHub. After some investigation it appeared our daughter had been using this time to take part in “PE with Joe”. As you can imagine this was quite a relief!


Drive traffic to key areas

At 13:30 in the afternoon we noticed most of the family were in the garden. It was a lovely sunny day so we expected this would be the case. However lunchtime was approaching and we needed to drive traffic to another quieter area of the house. We decided to send a push notification via Fusion Visit App “Live demo about to take place in the kitchen”.

This was a great success and managed to move the family to the kitchen. We decided to contribute to the flour storage by providing a demo on how to make scones. This at first appeared to be a fun family activity until mess unfolded!


Filter by time and persona

At 15:30 we arranged a “breakout” fringe event at a remote location away from the house. We could still monitor engagement and found 58 geese attended. By reviewing the live charts interestingly many travelled from Canada. We decided to filter this heat-map by persona and found 42 of which had a primary interest in bread.


Maximise Audience Engagement

It was interesting looking back at the real-time engagement journey within Fusion Visit App. This provides additional ROI to the visitor by enabling them to refer back to Exhibitors and Seminars they engaged with. The wine is for illustration purposes only!

Feel free to message to arrange a discovery call on how Fusion real-time actionable insight can enhance your event. My wife has just finished cutting my hair so I am ready for meetings!

Look forward to seeing you all at the AEO Excellence Awards on the 4th December where we are pleased to announce Circdata Fusion has been shortlisted for “Best Use of Technology”.

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