Top 6 Lockdown Engagement Campaigns

Lockdown Engagement Image for website

Over the last month there have been some great examples of how to engage an audience. Below I have listed some of my favourite ones and what we can learn from them.


#1 Clap for our Carers

A nationwide round of applause takes place every Thursday evening at 8pm to honour the amazing work of the NHS. People have also been painting rainbows to remind them how much we truly appreciate the work they do.


#2 Captain Tom Moore

With no introduction this one man fundraising machine has captured the nation’s hearts. Within a month he raised £32,796,450 for NHS Charities via his just giving page, become the oldest artist to reach number one with “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and became an honorary Colonel.

“Tell a great story”


#3 PE With Joe

PE With Joe is a live fitness series in which celebrity fitness coach Joe Wicks keeps children active during lockdown. PE With Joe now has over 65,000 views on YouTube helping to grow his “The Body Coach TV” channel to 2.41M subscribers.

“Remain agile and adjust to meet your audience needs”


#4 Balcony Performances

Musicians and singers around the world have been entertaining music lovers with beautiful performances from their balconies. The videos have been shared on YouTube providing a global audience with millions of views.

“Stay connected to your remote community”


#5 We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

A global bear hunt has begun to help distract children during lockdown. Stuffed toys are being placed in windows to give them a fun and safe activity while walking around their neighbourhood with parents. Photos of the teddies spotted have been shared on social media.

“It’s OK to have fun”


#6 The Lockdown Challenge

My favourite has been Andy Murray and his wife Kim with their 100 volley challenge. Fans have been busy posting their efforts on social media increasing its reach.

“Give your audience an opportunity to contribute”