A safe pair of hands for your subscriptions portfolio

Have you got a wealth of membership or subscriptions data to manage? Circdata’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform – Fusion – is a powerful and robust tool with more than 20 years of development. Our data heritage began in the publishing industry, but as the appetite for an intuitive CRM platform grew industry-wide, our client base has expanded. So if you are looking to improve business relationships with customers, increase customer retention and drive sales growth, give us a call. Unlike other well-known CRM systems, there are no license fees for each member of staff, but you will be able to compile information on your customers across different channels. Find out how we can help you, schedule a demo with us.

Our Fusion CRM capabilities

Any currency &
VAT scheme
Groups or individuals
Gift vouchers /
offer codes
Subscriber self-management
Connects to any payment portal
Any payment plans
Metrics & analytics

Types of organisations Fusion can manage subscriptions for

Membership Bodies
Membership bodies
Gym Memberships
Gym clubs
Football Clubs
Football clubs
Leisure Destinations
Leisure destinations

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