Preparing for the new normal

New normal

Predicting what the new normal looks like for exhibitions has been the source of many, many conversations here at Circdata during lockdown. Restrictions are lifting, and only time will tell, but we’ve been working with clients to prepare for Autumn events and industriously updating our systems and processes as a result.

You can offer no-contact access to events

eBadging has always been an option for visitors or delegates, which requires no contact upon entry. The attendee simply opens their badge in Apple Wallet or Google Pay and the barcode or QR code on it is scanned at self-service terminals to gain entrance.

If it is important that your attendees wear a physical badge, printer terminals alongside the self-service terminals will print a badge on scanning the eBadge, which the attendee can collect and affix a lanyard.

You can still have staff at a safe distance

There will always be queries at registration even with the best technology in place. A reduced number of staff can be on hand to deal with any queries, with social distancing guidelines in place.

Social distancing at registration can be achieved

During an event, physical controls can be used to manage people flow, reduce interaction, reduce potential virus transmission and promote social distancing. Circdata’s onsite teams will be able to offer a range of measures including socially distant registration terminals, distance managed queueing, hygienic, post-event badge disposal, safety screens for manned registration terminals and event staff with the appropriate PPE.

Simple steps to manage traffic flow

Pre-set registration and attendance slots can now be booked online from registration forms or allocated by organisers for all attendees, allowing organisers to control the flow of people at the registration area and in the exhibition hall.

Attendance slots can be communicated to potential attendees by email, SMS or push notification to Circdata’s Fusion Visit event app. Combined with access control or scanning, exhibition space occupancy can be accurately monitored and controlled.

If your numbers are limited, ensure high value attendees are there

Where venue capacity is limited by social distancing, we can help organisers ensure they only have the best quality audience at the physical event using Circdata Fusion’s proven registration review and approval system. You can pre-set the highest value visitors and our intelligent algorithm can offer the appropriate time slot or length to be given. You can approve or deny access based on demographics you set.

Touch-free content collection

We have also developed Fusion Interact, which provides touch-free interaction using our event app with key points around an event, for example on entry to sessions, content collect points or sponsor/exhibitor walls. Think scanning a QR code with your mobile camera, not tapping a badge on a collection point.

You can maintain audience numbers

If you consider offering a hybrid event it could help you maintain your audience numbers whilst extending your event outreach by increasing online engagement & content delivery. Hybrid events can also offer a compelling reason for exhibitors and sponsors to maintain their investment; virtual booths can be as effective as physical ones for lead capture and future business. Circdata now has hybrid event functionality within its Fusion suite, so if this is of interest, let us know.

Check out our social distancing update brochure here.