Measures of success

Exhibitors measure the success of an event based on the quality of people they meet, the leads generated and the business that results from those conversations. Circdata offers innovative solutions – LiveLeads & data scanners - to help exhibitors achieve maximum results, which in turn aids the success of event organisers’ post-show rebook efforts. In fact, our solutions go way beyond lead capture. Imagine if you could guarantee your clients:

Insight into how their individual sales people performed at the show; who generated the most prospects, who spoke to the right people, how many took the time to capture customer demographics?

That they could build full customer profiles at the show; not just contact information for their prospects, but a full demographic breakdown to give rich insight into their target audience

The opportunity to drive product development; create surveys to capture unique insight into which products are most popular and which ones need development and why

You can if you offer exhibitors Circdata LiveLeads! Exhibitors can order direct with us, although many clients offer a LiveLeads license as part of their stand packages. Talk to us to find out more.

Circdata LiveLeads app

Circdata Live Leads

Circdata LiveLeads enables your exhibitors to use their own mobile device to capture their sales leads and access their data in real time – no waiting until post show. This innovative solution is powered by a personalised exhibitor microsite on which clients can set up bespoke customer demographic and product surveys before the event. Not only that, clients can keep track of how their sales team is performing against targets, and access and respond to leads remotely or to immediately fulfil orders.

Purchase a license and download the Circdata LiveLeads app onto a mobile or tablet

Access the personalised exhibitor microsite to create customised data capture forms and surveys

Capture information from basic contact details to full customer profiles and collect specific product / brand feedback

Integrate with existing CRM systems, or simply view and download data in real-time; not just on-site sales staff but back office staff can follow up leads immediately

View show performance and advanced analytics on the personalised exhibitor microsite; handy reports, dashboards and at-a-glance information

Data scanner rental

Circdata also hires out data scanners, a fast and simple solution for clients to capture their sales leads. Exhibiting sales staff collect them from the registration desk during show set up and once the data scanner is returned they can download the data from their personalised exhibitor microsite.

Circdata Data Scanner Rental

Point and scan can the barcode on a visitor badge

Reliable, simple and quick to use

Easy to share between stand staff

Create a product sheet pre-event to categorise prospects

Gain access to data post-event from the exhibitor microsite

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