Circdata offers a full set of lead capture tools whether you opt for QR, barcode or NFC technology. All are simple to use, enhance interaction with attendees and help generate maximum ROI from a presence at your event. The most advanced solution is the FusionExhibit mobile app, which offers a number of unique advantages including real-time visibility of leads collected, enhanced lead qualification tools to enable a more accurate follow up, the ability to distribute digital content and a richer insight into the behavioural patterns of the leads they meet.

Lead capture options

Using FusionExhibit, exhibitors use their own mobile devices to scan visitor badges and enjoy enhanced lead verification, marketing and content distribution features whilst viewing leads in real-time
Traditional barcode readers available for hire, which offer a fast and simple way to scan visitor badges and download the data after the show
FusionTouch is Circdata’s NFC lead capture solution. Invest in standalone data collection devices for visitors to tap and collect exhibitor content and share their contact details

Lead capture features

FusionExhibit mobile app
Badge scanner rental


Live analytics

Live backups

Distribute digital content

Add products and services for lead qualification

Add notes for lead qualification

Add questionnaire for lead qualification

Statistics and reports offering insight into visitor behaviour and preferences


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