Going virtual

Remote learning or work. Video conference concept.

As with so many sectors, Covid-19 has turned the event industry upside down. But with huge challenges ahead, already our industry is driving innovation in order to be ready when exhibitors, visitors and speakers walk through the doors again.

Go virtual or hybrid?

This has been the hottest discussion point for #EventProfs the length and breadth of the sector. Often it depends on when the original event was planned for as to whether a virtual event or a hybrid is most relevant.

Will organisers gain or lose audience numbers? Will sponsorship and exhibitor yields hold up? Can virtual platforms offer engagement tools to balance up the lure face-to-face events offer?

Many questions need to be answered, but organisers are beginning to make some impressive headway on plans for autumn 2020 shows, and many have already held incredibly successful virtual events.

The right technology

Virtual event solutions are popping up everywhere posing the question; which one is best? The greatest fear; what if the technology lets us down? It is a leap of faith to put your event in the hands of a supplier online.

Doing your research is critical. What are the most important elements of your event? Is it content, exhibitor booths, roundtables, the networking bar? Ensure your provider can fulfil all your needs.

We can help

Circdata’s Fusion Visit and Fusion Exhibit are about to join forces and offer organisers a virtual / hybrid event platform!

Whilst the country has been in lockdown, we’ve been busily working on new and innovative features to extend your event outreach, increase online engagement and deliver content. The result; a hybrid / virtual platform that is fully integrated with our face-to-face exhibition and conference services.

Circdata’s Fusion provides common registration, access and reporting tools, whatever event format you choose.

A quick snapshot

You can find out more information on our hybrid/virtual platform offering here. As a quick snapshot, we offer:

  • Digital programme, including facility to stream live content. Live Q&As and polling available, to have direct interaction with speakers
  • Virtual exhibitor booths, with meetings in real-time, or chat, plus content is available to download
  • Match-making feature, to drive engagement between attendees and exhibitors with similar interests, or buying requirements
  • Community wall, to enhance conversation and find out what topics matter most to your audience

As you would expect, all data from each and every event engagement flows back into the organiser’s Fusion portal, offering easy to digest insight into their event audience. Find out more here.