An advanced, powerful CRM platform

Fusion is the backbone of everything we offer at Circdata. Powerful and intuitive, Fusion is a customer relationship management software platform that offers a selection of modules to support your business. Organise events? Then you’ll benefit from its advanced Event Registration and Organiser Portal modules. Want to engage audiences or enhance exhibitor ROI? Take a look at the Connect and Lead Capture modules. For an easy-to-use email marketing software, harness the power of Dynamail. Wish you understood your data universe better? Check out Fusion’s Data Insight capabilities. Or for Subscriptions Management, Fusion will help you improve business relationships with customers, increase customer retention and drive sales growth.

Seamless integrations with your current systems

Fusion offers seamless integration with third-party solutions including Adestra, InGo, Gleanin, SmartFocus, Salesforce, Drupal, eZ Publish, Liferay, Webvision and FastStats, together with a willingness to integrate with further platforms.

Fusion for Events
  • A person-centric view of event registrations in the past and the future

  • Analyse trends across multiple events

  • Customisable dashboards for real-time critical event information

  • Create marketing campaigns and record sales and registrations in real-time

  • Add or edit registration and marketing data ensuring complete control over your data assets

  • Create and deploy email marketing campaigns using Dynamail

  • Confirm revenues and cash collections through financial reporting

Fusion for Subscriptions
  • Multi-effort renewal series; email, letter, SMS and telephone

  • Marketing email automation; based on the number of issues or days remaining in a contract

  • Identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to maximise revenue

  • Real-time reports providing transactional and financial analysis

  • Providing at-a-glance metrics analysing subscription levels, order volumes, demography and contact options across a portfolio

  • Measure audience engagement across different delivery channels

  • Profile how each individual engages with the brand and drive individuals to engage with new and underused channels

Fusion for Data Insight
  • Can assimilate contact, transactional, behavioural and profiling data from any third-party solution, for example Drupal, eZ Publish, Liferay, Webvision, Salesforce, Adestra, SmartFocus and Google Analytics

  • Takes control of your multiple data sources, interrogates it and derives actionable insights

  • Creates online forms that can be used for surveys, competitions and opt-ins, allowing you to collect behavioural data

  • Offers a telemarketing module and an email management solution that identify triggers, enabling you to create, deliver and analyse campaigns

Our Fusion CRM capabilities

24/7 access to your data
Integrate with 3rd party systems
Custom analytics
Finance team friendly
Connects to any payment portal