Fusion® for exhibition organisers

Fusion’s award-winning event registration and exhibition technology will power your customer experience whilst giving you rich event insight you never thought possible. Employing Fusion’s integrated event technology applications will take your show to the next level; enhancing visitor engagement and exhibitor ROI. We’ll get your visitors in lightning fast, too!

All the data you capture from the point of registration through to interactions on your show floor flow back into Fusion’s organiser portal, giving you real-time insight into customer behaviour. All with one aim in mind; to help you make better, more informed decisions to future-proof your show.

Why use Fusion?

Seminar & show feature bookings
CPD certificates
Multi-lingual registration forms
Cost-effective shipping options
Global reach
Reliable & scalable

Rich event insight

Would you like to know?

Which segments of your audience engage with your shows the most?

What the cross-over of audience is between your shows?

Which exhibitors had the most success in terms of lead capture?

Which exhibitors had the most content downloaded?

Individual visitor journeys across the show floor?

Which sessions were the most successful in terms of attendees, speaker ratings or content collected?

What content was collected the most?

How many of your attendees shared their details with each other?

What the visitors were interested in, in terms of topics or issues, and what information, products or services resonated with them?

Which attendees took part in your gamification efforts and who won?

Fusion will tell you!
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Enhance visitor & exhibitor engagement with integrated Fusion applications

Manage your visitors with ease

FusionEventhub offers everything you need to manage your event attendees across your full event portfolio.

Manage and report on each event using complex fixed and custom reports

Fully customisable real-time dashboard and reporting suite – get the stats you need to know visible at a glance

Full data view & edit CMS functions, including registration history, customer interactions and user journey

Registration status manger with bulk change and updates

Import data using the import manager tool

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An advanced query tool

FusionInsight is an advanced data querying and audience management tool which gives you a full view across all your data, events, subscriptions, newsletters and marketing data.

Single customer view with cascading history and data transactional history

Basic and advanced search options to suit all users and uses

Grouped queries and saved queries

Export data to multiple formats with drag and drop field chooser

Data cleaning tool to bulk update records, complete with ‘Undo’ feature.

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We are sure Fusion® can help you create engaging events, why not get in touch with us for a demo?