Circdata’s exhibitor hub is called FusionExhibit and it offers a suite of registration, lead capture, engagement and intelligence features, which have been developed as a result of feedback from the UK’s leading event organisers. It has been built to create a more engaging experience for everyone, driving more return on investment for your exhibitors, and hopefully a faster re-book decision for your next event! It is first to market with a mobile app version, making it super-simple for your exhibitors to manage their presence at your event on-the-go, and enable visitors to collect their digital content in real-time.

FusionExhibit features

VIP invitation templates to boost registration
Lead capture order platform
more info
View, manage & qualify leads in real-time
Easy to manage digital staff badges for fast & easy access
Different users levels for controlled access
Dashboard displays key event info and leads collected
Automate marketing follow up with documents, videos and weblinks
Manage company profile to display in the event app


We are sure Fusion® can help you create engaging events, why not get in touch with us for a demo?