Event registration is at the core of Circdata’s event technology platform, Fusion. Whether you organise small events or conferences, trade shows or exhibitions, festivals or restricted access events, Fusion’s sophisticated event management tools and database enable you to effortlessly manage your event attendees whether you have one event or a full portfolio. We can support you on-site too. Every week we set up and host our clients’ registration desks at venues across all four corners of the globe. We get their attendees in lightning fast and we can do the same for you.


Circdata is the official Registration Partner to the Association of Event Organisers (AEO). Find out more.

Fusion® - your events assistant

Fusion offers all the functionality you need to manage your audience and your show features. With a super-simple user interface, you can personalise your entry dashboard to show the event statistics that matter to you the most and links to the reports you regularly need to pull. You can view all the customer interaction you have had with each and every individual, and even the journey they have taken across your show if you engage our visitor app, FusionVisit!

View registration history, customer interactions and user journey
Build your own branded registration form or we can do it for you
Completed registration generates access badge and visitor app access
Export data to multiple formats with drag and drop field chooser
Data cleaning tool to bulk update records, complete with ‘Undo’ feature

Manage registration features

Find an attendee

Find them by searching any of their registration criteria

Amend their contact details

Amend their badge type

Add their colleague (data will be pre-filled to make it faster)

Update their marketing preferences

Re-send their badge email

Mark them as ‘attended’ or ‘not attended’

View their visitor journey; which exhibitors they met, what content they collected and the sessions they attended

Add an attendee

Free or paid

Print badges

Desktop Fusion EventHub Event List_2_900
Desktop Fusion Manage Registrations_2_900
Undertake advanced searches

Badge types

Registration status

Invoice number

Product name

Source / import source

Discount code

Exhibitor guest codes


We are sure Fusion® can help you create engaging events, why not get in touch with us for a demo?