Circdata unveils new event technology platform

Circdata unveils new full service event technology platform

Circdata today unveils its full service event technology platform, which offers event organisers an unprecedented number of applications to power their customer experience and create engaging events. Since 1995 CIrcdata has provided award-winning event registration solutions to a wide-ranging set of clients across the globe. The development of the platform embraces organisers’ need to optimise their event tech partners and translate the rich data insight available into strategic decisions.

Event registration remains at the heart of its technology platform – Fusion® – which experienced a sophisticated upgrade in addition to the development of new and updated applications. These include mobile event apps for visitors and exhibitors, visitor engagement and interaction features and lead capture solutions for exhibitors. The full suite of Fusion applications is integrated so that all data captured flows back into the Organiser Portal to provide real-time insight into the performance of an event and its attendees’ behaviour.

All new features and functionality are underpinned by Circdata’s mobile first strategy, fusing the physical event with a digital platform to drive visitor engagement, enhance ROI for exhibitors and help organisers gain a deeper understanding of their audience.

FusionVisit is the name of Circdata’s visitor event app, whose features have been developed in close partnership with leading event organisers to ensure a complete offering, and is seamlessly integrated with the event’s registration process. It is the only event app that enables visitors to track their footprints across the show floor in real-time; the ‘My Journey’ feature highlights their event engagements presented on a timeline. This includes a synopsis of the exhibitors visited, sessions attended, or attendees they have swapped contact details with, each with the relevant links to websites, contact details or downloadable content. It also includes a ‘My Documents’ hub where visitors can save exhibitor brochures, speaker presentations, content collected at touch points across the show floor or CPD certificates earned, giving the app a longer lifetime value.

Circdata is first to market with a mobile exhibitor event app, which offers exhibitors the tools to enable more effective planning and follow up strategies. FusionExhibit includes advanced lead capture and verification tools, an automated marketing feature to enable an immediate follow up of leads, and the facilty to manage their company profile and documents for distribution.

Empowering organisers with unrivalled insight into the performance of their events was central to the development of all of Fusion’s applications. Clients will now enjoy real-time intelligence, for example how each exhibitor is performing in terms of traffic, which sessions and speakers have been rated the most engaging, the VIPs currently on the show floor, or what content has been the most popular for download. Not only will the information help organisers drive future strategy, it will enable them to respond as the event unfolds, driving visitor behaviour.

Chris Clipston, chief operating officer, who spearheaded the platform development comments: “We are delighted to roll-out the new version of Fusion, which has been a year-long development process in consultation with our clients to ensure it meets their needs. We aim to support them in creating meaningful event experiences and the new and update applications do just that.

“It is the data that sets our platform apart, as all of our event technology solutions are integrated. The level of insight organisers will discover will truly help them prove the value of their events, future-proofing them for many years to come. Look out for further announcements later this year as we have more to come!”