Circdata launches GDPR-compliant file transfer tool

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Circdata has unveiled its GDPR-compliant file transfer tool, which is now available to clients via its event management platform, fusion.

The award-winning event registration specialist developed fusion filetransfer in recognition of the need for event organisers to undertake data queries and send the resulting files to fellow team members using a secure process under the GDPR. Regular tasks such as pulling marketing data for visitor-driver campaigns, generating updated pre-reg information, or producing the latest financial reports can be managed easily using the new tool, and staff can be rest assured they are complying with the new regulation guidelines for the transfer of data.

To undertake a file transfer, the sender must be logged into fusion. Using filetransfer the user can upload files and generate a personalised email to the recipient to request them to login and download the data. The recipient must also login to fusion to access the files; which complies with the GDPR in terms of data security and offers event organisers peace of mind in their data processing

fusion filetransfer offers security features including the ability for senders to set an expiry time for the data to be accessed by the recipient, or to revoke files if required at a later date. Users access filetransfer via an inbox that displays a full history of data sent and downloaded. You can view more information on the tool here.

Circdata’s Chief Operating Officer, Chris Clipston said: “Our clients turned to us for advice in ensuring that they were GDPR ready and we are pleased to have supported them on their journey. Creating a secure and compliant file transfer tool satisfies a number of requests we experienced from organisers, who wanted an alternative to sending files via email. It has been encouraging to see that clients have welcomed the new regulations as an opportunity to their enhance systems and processes, and improve the relationships they have with their audiences. We are delighted that the uptake in using fusion filetransfer has proven so successful already.”